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Loni is a Pashtun tribe in Pakistan including in the town of Luni in Tehsil Duki, District Loralai of Balochistan.[1]


Loni is located at 28°45′N 77°17′E / 28.75°N 77.28°E / 28.75; 77.28. It has an average elevation of 203 metres (666 feet).


As of 1998 Loni had a population of 982,435. Males constitute 54% of the population and females 46%. Luni has an average literacy rate of 23%, lower than the national average of 35%.[2]


Loni is a warrior branch of Durrani Pashtoons and sheikhs and are related to Qarabagh[disambiguation needed] of Afghanistan. And the most dangerous people in luni is from Landi Mir Khan and Banhar. The came to the sub-continent in the era of the Afghan emperor Ahmad Shah Durrani. They were then called "OX" due to their warrior nature.

A huge population of Luni tribe still exists in the Uttar Pradesh District of India. They moved through Kashmir, Tank, Dera Ismail Khan, and Musa Khel to Khan Muhammad Kot and from there they attacked Alambar, Lakhi, Samaolang (Chamalung) and Thal Chutiali and got hold of the vast area, which then got the single name "Loni". The boundaries of Loni are extended to Kohlu, Musa Khel, Barkhan, Loralai and Dukki.



  • Shamaizai
  • Marufzai
  • Waliani
  • Daryazai
  • Malizai
  • Sadazai
  • Ladugan
  • Zakarzai


  • Marjanzai
  • Alikzai
  • Ghorani
  • Essazai
  • Sumand
  • Ghalbuzai
  • Mainzai
  • Katakhel
  • Murzai
  • Ghorani


  • Salezai
  • Latthan
  • Shaidiani
  • Sadozai
  • Maronzai
  • Miranzai
  • Babugaan
  • Shamezai Caste having strong hold over the other sub-castes.
  • Sardar Bahadur Sardar Nawab khan Loni was one of the six tribal chiefs (sardars) upon whom the title (TUMANDAR) was conferred by the" Amir of Kabul" and the other five tumandars are as follows:
  • chief of marri tribe,
  • chief of bugti tribe,
  • Tumandars are illustrated as the real Sardars/Chieftains of the tribes residing in their given areas.

Relation to other castes[edit]

The close relatives of Loni tribe amongst other Pushtoon tribes are Dotani, gulfarz, jaffar, shirani, saddozai.


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