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Luo or Lo refers to the Mandarin romanizations of the Chinese surnames (Simplified Chinese: , pinyin: Luó, Jyutping: Lo4) and (Simplified Chinese: , pinyin: Luò, Jyutping: Lok3). Of the two surnames, is much more common among Chinese people.

In Cantonese, 羅 is usually romanized as Law or Lo, and sometimes Loh, or Lowe, and 駱 is usually romanized as Lok or Loc, though the more Western-appearing romanization Locke can sometimes be found.

In Teochew, 罗/羅 is most commonly transliterated as Lor or Law while 骆/駱 is written as Lok.

In North Korea, 羅 is transcribed as 라 (Ra) and South Korea is transcribed as 나 (Na).

In Japan, the name 駱 is pronounced as かわらげ Kawarage.

In Vietnam, the name 羅 is pronounced La and 駱 is pronounced Lạc.

Prominent people[edit]


  • Andrew Lo, a professor at the MIT Sloan School of Management
  • Lo Chen-Jung (born 1961), a retired Taiwanese left-handed baseball pitcher
  • Lo Chi Kwan (born 1981), a Hong Kong international football (soccer) player
  • Chia-Jen Lo (born 1986), a Taiwanese right-handed baseball pitcher for the Houston Astros
  • Lo Chih-an (born 1988), a Taiwanese football (soccer) player, twin brother of Lo Chih-en, from the aborigine Atayal tribe of Taiwan
  • Lo Chih-chiang (born 1970), Deputy Secretary-General to the President of the Republic of China (2012–2013)
  • Lo Chih-en (born 1988), a Taiwanese football (soccer) player, twin brother of Lo Chih-an, from the aborigine Atayal tribe of Taiwan
  • Dennis Law Sau-Yiu, Hong Kong film producer, screenwriter and director
  • Lo Elgan (1901–1997), Chinese Academy of Social Sciences researcher
  • Gallen Lo, a Hong Kong actor and singer who primarily acts in television series
  • Luo Gan, retired Chinese politician
  • Luo Guanzhong, Chinese writer who lived during the Yuan and Ming periods
  • Him Law, Hong Kong film and television actor
  • Lo Hoi-sing (1949–2010), a Hong Kong businessman, born in a Hong Kong communist family
  • Lo Hsiang-lin (1906–1978), one of the most renowned researchers in Hakka language and culture
  • Jerry Lo (DJ Jerry, born 1972), a singer and songwriter, popular in Taiwan in the 1990s
  • Justin Lo, a singer-songwriter, actor and record producer working in Hong Kong
  • Leyan Lo (born 1985), held the world record of 11.13 seconds for the fastest Rubik's Cube solution
  • Law Kar-ying, Hong Kong actor, originally a Cantonese Opera artist
  • Lo Kuo-Chong (born 1965), a retired Taiwanese professional baseball player, now a baseball coach
  • Kuo Hui Lo (born 1985), a Taiwanese baseball player in the Seattle Mariners organization
  • Law Kwok-tai, football coach and former Republic of China (Taiwan) international footballer from Hong Kong
  • Law Lan, Hong Kong actress
  • Lo Lieh (1939–2002), a Hong Kong actor in martial-arts films
  • Lo Mang (born 1956), a Hong Kong-based veteran martial artist
  • Luo Meizhen (1885?–2013), claimant for the world's oldest person
  • Luo Ronghuan, Chinese communist military leader
  • Luo Ying-shay, Minister of Justice of the Republic of China (2013–2016)
  • Show Lo, Taiwanese actor, singer, and host
  • Steven Lo (born 1959), a Hong Kong and Macanese businessman active in the entertainment world
  • Lo Ta-yu, Taiwanese singer and songwriter
  • Teddy Lo, a Hong Kong-based LED artist known for his work in the "tech-art" scene
  • Lo Tsung-lo (1898–1978), a notable Chinese botanist and plant physiologist
  • Victor Lo, GBS, OBE, JP (born 1950), the chairman and chief executive of Gold Peak Industries, Ltd. (Holdings)
  • Vincent Lo (born 1948), the chairman of Hong Kong-based Shui On Group, a building-materials and construction firm
  • Lo Wei (1918–1996), a Hong Kong film director and film actor, launched both Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan
  • Law Wing-Cheong, Hong Kong film editor, an assistant director, film director, and actor
  • Xianglin Luo (Lo Hsiang Lin), Renowned researchers in Hakka language and culture
  • Lo Hsing Han (born 1935), Burmese business tycoon
  • Na Yoon-Sun (born 1969), South Korean jazz singer
  • Luo Meiyi 罗美仪 Bonnie Loo (born 12 July 1994), Singaporean Singer- Actress


  • Luo Binwang, Chinese poet of the Tang Dynasty
  • Gary Locke (born 1950), American politician, former United States Ambassador to China
  • Felix Lok, Hong Kong actor
  • Wayne Lo (born 1974), a Taiwanese-American murderer


  • Bernard Lo, a TV anchor and host on Bloomberg TV Asia
  • Beth Lo (born 1949), an American artist
  • Eileen Yin-Fei Lo, educator, chef and author of eleven cookbooks on Chinese cuisine
  • Hollie Lo (born 1993), a Canadian actress, played Karena Eng in the movie Eve and the Fire Horse
  • Jason Lo, a Malaysian music artist, music producer, DJ and entrepreneur
  • Lo Hsiao-Ting (born 1982), a Taiwanese softball player
  • Lo Wing-lok JP (1954–2015), a Hong Kong doctor and politician
  • Lormong Lo, the first Hmong American to be appointed to a city council in the U.S, in 1994
  • Martin Lo, a spacecraft trajectory expert currently working for JPL
  • Ricky Lo, entertainment writer, showbiz commentator and host of Chinese descent in the Philippines
  • Jeffrey Lowe, American, co-founder of WAV (Women Add Value) global organization that celebrates the influence women have in transforming cultures.

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