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For the town in Baoshan District, Shanghai, see Luodian, Shanghai.

Luodian County (simplified Chinese: 罗甸县; traditional Chinese: 羅甸縣; pinyin: Luódiàn Xiàn) is a county under the administration of Qiannan Buyei and Miao Autonomous Prefecture in the south of Guizhou province, China.

The climate in the area is humid subtropical, with strong monsoon influences bringing heavy rain during the summer. Winters are dry due to the influence of the Siberian high-pressure system.

The county seat and the largest city in the county is also named Luodian; it was formerly known as Longping. The city of Luodian is situated at 25°26′N 106°42′E / 25.433°N 106.700°E / 25.433; 106.700 latitude and longitude.

The county is frequented by both Chinese and foreign geologists, with the core area of work called Big Guizhoutan, or Big Guizhou Shoal. This has been called a "treasure land for Triassic Period research."[1]


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