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Taiwan Railways Administration
Taiwan LuoDong Railway Station.JPG
Luodong Station's palace-style station front
Location Gongzheng Rd., No. 2
Luodong, Yilan
Operated by
Distance 80.1 km from Badu
Connections Bus stop
Structure type At-Grade
Other information
Classification 二等站 (Taiwan Railways Administration level)
Opened March 24, 1919
Passengers 13,147 daily (2014)[1]
Luodong Station rear

Luodong Station (Chinese: 羅東車站; pinyin: Luódōng Chēzhàn) is a railway station on the Taiwan Railway Administration (TRA) Yilan Line located in Luodong Township, Yilan County, Taiwan.


The station has one island platform and one side platform. The station building is located above the platforms and is accessible from both the station front and rear. It is a major station on the Yilan Line and is a second-tier station. Many express trains, including the Taroko Express, stop at this station.


  • March 24, 1919: The station opened for service.
  • October 24, 1985: The current palace-style station opens for service.

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