Luogang District

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District of China


Location of Luogang
Location of Luogang on Guangzhou.
 •  Established 2005
 •  Disestablished 2014
Today part of Part of the Huangpu District
Luogang District
Simplified Chinese 萝岗区
Traditional Chinese 蘿崗區
Cantonese Yale Lòhgōng Kēui
Hanyu Pinyin Luógǎng Qū

Luogang District is a former district of Guangzhou, the capital of Guangdong province, China. It was merged into Huangpu District on 12 February 2014.[1]


The middle and high school campus of the American International School of Guangzhou is in Science Park (科学城; 科學城; Kēxuéchéng; fo1 hok6 sing4) in the former Luogang District.[2]


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