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Luomuhappo is Jere Häkkinen (born 1982), a Suomisaundi producer from Finland. He should not be confused with Luomo (Vladislav Delay). He is one of the original founders of Freakdance Records. He started his musical creations in the mid-90's using a tracker software and the Roland MC-505 groovebox. Häkkinen released his first self-made CDR demo, titled "Juotsen Kutsu" in 2001 under the artist name 'Espoon happo ja luomu'. Mainly created with the MC-505, Juotsen Kutsu had songs ranging from the combination of psy-trance, breakbeat and electro into ambient downtempo. Distributed on the internet, the cross-genre promo release caught the attention of many.

Häkkinen then changed his artist name into Luomuhappo, which roughly translated means 'organic acid' in Finnish. In 2002, he released another promotional CDR, the tracker-made "Eurogorilla 2002 Transmutation Kit". On this second CDR release were also included two of Luomuhappo's remixes of Finnish underground psy-trance artists, Huopatossu Mononen and Omituisten Otusten Kerho (O.O.K.). Luomuhappo's Eurogorilla 2002 Transmutation Kit was also the first release under Freakdance Records label name and the album has later become somewhat a cult classic and a true collector's item due to the small print of about 50 copies.

In 2004, Freakdance Records released a CD album from Luomuhappo, titled Pog-O-Matic Pogómen 3000000. The initial print was 700 copies and it was soon sold out. In December 2005, Borealophitecus (meaning "the ape of the north") was released on cassette (with a limited print of 100 copies) and as freely downloadable MP3's on the Freakdance Records website.

In spring 2007, Faerie Dragon Records (Hong Kong electronic music label) licensed and re-issued Luomuhappo's "Pog-o-Matic Pogómen 3000000" as an enhanced digipak CD release.


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