Luoyang Longmen railway station

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Luoyang Longmen

China Railway High-speed
洛阳龙门高铁站 - panoramio.jpg
Location19 Tongqu Road
Luolong District, Luoyang, Henan
Coordinates34°35′43″N 112°27′08″E / 34.59514°N 112.45235°E / 34.59514; 112.45235Coordinates: 34°35′43″N 112°27′08″E / 34.59514°N 112.45235°E / 34.59514; 112.45235
Operated byChina Railway CR Zhengzhou
Line(s)China Railway High-speed Zhengzhou–Xi'an high-speed railway
Platforms5 (2 island platforms and 1 side platform)
  • Bus terminal
Other information
Station code
  • 39053 (TMIS code)
  • LLF (telegraph code)
  • LYM (Pinyin code)
Classification1st class station
Opened1 February 2010
Previous namesLuoyang South
Preceding station   ChinaRailwayHighspeed-notext.svg China Railway High-speed   Following station
Zhengzhou–Xi'an high-speed railway
towards Xi'an North
Luoyang Longmen is located in Henan
Luoyang Longmen
Luoyang Longmen
Location of the station
Luoyang Longmen is located in China
Luoyang Longmen
Luoyang Longmen
Luoyang Longmen (China)

The Luoyang Longmen railway station (simplified Chinese: 洛阳龙门站; traditional Chinese: 洛陽龍門站; pinyin: Luòyáng-Lóngmén Zhàn) is a railway station part of the Xuzhou–Lanzhou High-Speed Railway. The station is located in Luoyang, Henan, China. It was previous known as Luoyang South Station (simplified Chinese: 洛阳南站; traditional Chinese: 洛陽南站; pinyin: Luòyáng-nán Zhàn).


Station construction began on December 9, 2008.[1] Prior to opening, it was renamed from Luoyang South Station to Luoyang Longmen Station on December 15, 2009.[2] Luoyang Longmen Station opened on February 6, 2010.[3]

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