Lupe Sino

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Lupe Sino
Lupe et Manolete.tif
Sino with Manolete
Antonia Bronchalo Lopesino

6 March 1917
Died13 September 1959(1959-09-13) (aged 42)
Partner(s)Manuel Rodríguez
(?-1947, his death)
Parent(s)Nicomedes & Eugenia Bronchalo

Lupe Sino (March 6, 1917 – September 13, 1959, born Antonia Bronchalo Lopesino) was a Spanish actress.


Antonia Bronchalo Lopesino was born on March 6, 1917 in Sayatón, a village in Guadalajara, Spain. She was the second of nine children born to Eugenia and Nicomedes. When she was fourteen, the family moved to Madrid and she began working as a servant, but ended up working in the world of Italian cinema with director Fernando Mignoni. She died in Madrid from a stroke on September 13, 1959.[1]

Personal life[edit]

She met Manolete, the matador in the Chicote bar in Madrid,[2] and was his girlfriend until his death by a fatal goring in the ring in 1947. She was not liked by his manager and family and was not allowed to see him before he bled to death on 29 August 1947.[3] She was photographed by Paco Cano at his side afterwards, as he lay enshrouded.[4]

Professional Work[edit]

Sino worked as a movie actress, and starred in several films, notably "La Dama Torera" (1950), "El Marqués de Salamanca" (1948), "El Testamento del Virrey" (1944) and "La famosa Luz María" (1942).[5]

Manolete Film[edit]

Sino was portrayed by Penélope Cruz in the 2007 movie, Manolete.[6]


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