Luper Cemetery

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Luper Cemetery
Luper Cemetery (Lane County, Oregon).jpg
CountryUnited States
Coordinates44°08′23″N 123°09′36″W / 44.13972°N 123.16000°W / 44.13972; -123.16000Coordinates: 44°08′23″N 123°09′36″W / 44.13972°N 123.16000°W / 44.13972; -123.16000
Owned byLuper Cemetery, Inc.
Size160 grave sites
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Luper Cemetery is near Eugene, Oregon, and is one of the earliest pioneer cemeteries in the southern Willamette Valley.[1] The site is also known as Irving Cemetery or Baker Cemetery. The first grave site was in 1857, although records indicate that the cemetery began in 1859, when land was donated by Thomas and Elizabeth Baker.[2]

The cemetery is named for James Luper, an 1852 pioneer from Illinois, who settled nearby in an area known for a time as Luper, Oregon. James Luper owned the land surrounding the cemetery. A grave site location service has identified 160 graves, many of pioneer families.[3][4]