Luphephe River

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Luphephe River is a tributary to the Nwanedi River in South Africa. It starts in Dzumbama/Tshitandani/Tshamulungwi area about 10 km from where Nwanedi River starts on the other side of the mountain. It flows to the north towards the Luphephe/Nwanedi Dam. Just before it enters Nwanedi Nature Reserve, it joins the Savhani River supplying Luphephe/Nwanedi Dam where it joins Nwanedi River inside the Nwanedi Dam. Savhani River starts in Gwangwatini, passing Ngalavhani, Tshitanzhe,Musunda, Gumela, Tshikotoni Helula and Manzhenge villages.

Coordinates: 22°39′S 30°26′E / 22.650°S 30.433°E / -22.650; 30.433