Lupicínio Rodrigues

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Lupicínio Rodrigues (Porto Alegre, September 16, 1914 – Porto Alegre, August 27, 1974) was a Brazilian singer and composer from Rio Grande do Sul. He was a prominent exponent of the samba-canção genre. He dubbed his own style, dor-de-cotovelo (literally "elbow pain"), inspired by his experiences with heartbreak. His compositions have been performed and recorded by many musicians, including Jamelão, who recorded two albums exclusively devoted to his compositions. Rodrigues is also famous for having written the anthem of Grêmio.

Lupicínio Rodrigues (1968)

Selected compositions[edit]

Some of his most recorded compositions are:


On 16 September 2019, Google celebrated his 105th birthday with a Google Doodle.[1]


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