Lupin the Third Part 5

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Lupin the Third Part 5
An illustration of the main cast
Poster, featuring (left to right) Jigen, Fujiko, Lupin, Goemon, and Ami
ルパン三世 PART5
(Rupan Sansei Pāto Faibu)
Anime television series
Directed by
  • Daisuke Sakō (chief)
  • Yūichirō Yano
Produced byKōji Nozaki
Masaki Shiode
Written by
Music byYuji Ohno
StudioTelecom Animation Film
Licensed by
Original networkNippon TV (AnichU)
English network
Original run April 4, 2018 September 18, 2018
Episodes24 + OVA (List of episodes)
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Lupin the Third Part 5 (Japanese: ルパン三世 PART5, Hepburn: Rupan Sansei Pāto Faibu) is a Japanese anime television series in the Lupin the Third franchise, produced at Telecom Animation Film and directed by Yūichirō Yano and written by Ichirō Ōkouchi. It is the sixth television anime series adaptation of Monkey Punch's manga series Lupin the Third, following 2015's Part IV. The series aired from April 4 to September 18, 2018, on Japanese television, and was simulcast with English subtitles by Crunchyroll. It was later dubbed and premiered on Adult Swim's Toonami programming block on June 16, 2019.[1][a]

In 2019, Lupin the Third Part 5 aired on Animax Asia in Southeast Asia. Making the first Lupin the Third anime adaptation to be aired on Animax.


The series is set in modern-day France and follows the thief Arsène Lupin III. In the first story arc of the series, he infiltrates a data center to steal digital currency from "Marco Polo", a site on the dark web, which sells illegal items such as drugs and weapons.[2] The rest of the regular ensemble cast of Lupin the Third characters, the marksman Daisuke Jigen, the swordsman Goemon Ishikawa XIII, the con artist Fujiko Mine and Inspector Koichi Zenigata, are joined by the new character Ami Enan, a teenage hacker.

In the second arc, Lupin gains possession of a black notebook containing extremely sensitive information about high-level political figures, which makes him a target for the ruthless director of the DGES as well as for Albert d'Andrésy, a fiendishly cunning criminal and ex-partner of Lupin hiding under the façade of an honest government official.

In the third story arc, Lupin intends to steal the Bloody Teardrop, a national treasure of the Southeast Asian kingdom of Padar, which is currently worn by its royal princess Dolma, who has befriended Ami. When a revolution threatens Dolma's life, Ami reunites with Lupin to rescue her.

The fourth and final story arc sees a last reunion between Lupin and Ami against the Shake Hands Corporation, a shady IT conglomerate whose aim is world domination via an exclusive monopoly on cyber-trafficking and internet use, and which has been pulling the strings behind the scenes of some of Lupin's exploits in the series.

Recurring subthemes in the series include the use of contemporary high technology (particularly the Internet, facial recognition programs and surveillance drones), and the question of trust between Lupin and the rest of his gang.


Lupin the Third Part 5 was produced at Telecom Animation Film, and was directed by Yūichirō Yano, reprising his role from 2015's Part IV. It was written by Ichirō Ōkouchi alongside Gō Zappa, Daisuke Sakō, Kazushige Nojima, Takahiro Okura, Yuniko Ayana, Keiichi Sigsawa and Shatner Nishida,[3] and featured character designs by Hisao Yokobori. The series was announced at Japan Expo in Paris in 2017,[2] and aired for 24 episodes from April 4, 2018[b] to September 18, 2018 on Nippon TV's AnichU programming block and other NNS networks. It is also streamed by Hulu in Japan,[4][5] and simulcast by Crunchyroll in Japanese with English subtitles.[6] It will be released on home video in the United Kingdom and Ireland by Anime Limited.[7] It also aired on Adult Swim's Toonami programming block in the United States starting on June 16, 2019.[8][a]

The first Japanese DVD/Blu-ray set containing the first five episodes of the anime was released on July 25, 2018. It includes a memorial episode titled "Is Lupin Still Burning?" to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the manga. The episode was directed by Jun Kawagoe, with Monkey Punch as general director and character designs by Hisao Horikoshi and Satoshi Hirayama. Its title is a reference to the debut episode of the first Lupin the Third anime series and follows its story, but features other enemies such as Kyosuke Mamo, Sandayu Momochi, Pycal, and Stoneman.[10] An English dub of the original video animation premiered on Adult Swim on the Toonami block on December 14, 2019, a week after the conclusion of Part 5's run.[11]


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