Lupus I of Aquitaine

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Lupus I (also Lupo, Loup, Lobo, Otsoa, or Otxoa) was the Duke of Gascony and Aquitaine from about 670. His reign may have lasted a few years (to 676) or longer (to 710[1]). He is often considered the progenitor of the Gascon dynasty of Lupus II and the Aquitainian dynasty the Eudonians.

Lupus was the successor of Felix, whose duchy seemed to encompass almost an identical territory to the kingdom of Charibert II. Sometime after 658, Lupus rebelled against Felix and later succeeded him.[2] He held Toulouse and Bordeaux in 673, at which time he allied with Flavius Paulus against Wamba, the king of the Visigoths, and attacked Béziers.[3] He convoked the important synod of Bordeaux between 673 and 675.[4] In 675, he attempted to seize Limoges, to his own destruction. He was assassinated in the process, the author of the Miracle of Saint Martial writing in sedem regam se adstare.[5] Thereafter, the sources are silent about him and his successor(s).


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