Lupus pernio

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Lupus pernio
Lupus pernio 01.jpg
Cutaneous lesions of sarcoidosis (lupus pernio). Red-to-purple indurated plaques and nodules affecting the nose and cheeks.
Classification and external resources
Specialty hematology
ICD-10 D86.3 (ILDS D86.340)
ICD-9-CM 135

Lupus pernio is a chronic raised indurated (hardened) lesion of the skin, often purplish in color. It is seen on the nose, ears, cheeks, lips, and forehead. It is pathognomonic of sarcoidosis.[1]:701 The name "lupus pernio" is a misnomer, as microscopically this disease shows granulomatous infiltration and does not have features of either lupus or pernio.[2]

Lupus pernio is associated with poor outcomes and lower rate of resolution.

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