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Luqu (pink) within Gannan Prefecture (yellow) within Gansu (grey)

Luqu County (Chinese: 碌曲县; pinyin: Lùqū Xiàn, Tibetan: ཀླུ་ཆུ་རྫོང་།Wylie: klu chu rdzong, ZYPY: Luqu Zong)[1] is an administrative district in Gansu, China. It is one of 58 counties of Gansu. It is part of the Gannan Prefecture. Its postal code is 717200, and in 1999 its population was 30,039 people.[2]

Kirti Namgyel Dechen Ling (Ganden Shedrub Pekar Drolwailing), a Gelug monastery located in Langmusi, was founded in 1748. It became the seat of the Kirti incarnation line.[3][4]


The towns of Luqu County are:


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Coordinates: 34°23′N 102°28′E / 34.383°N 102.467°E / 34.383; 102.467