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The Lusaka National Museum
Lusaka National Museum.JPG
Lusaka National Museum
LocationLusaka, Zambia

The Lusaka National Museum is a museum located in Lusaka, Zambia, covering the history and culture of the nation.


While construction began in the 1980s, the Lusaka National Museum officially opened to the public in October 1996. While the museum was originally intended to focus on the history of Zambian independence, its focus changed to cultural history by the time it opened.[1]


The museum collection is preserved in storage rooms, while other heritage objects are displayed in two galleries on the ground and upper floors of the museum building.

The lower gallery is home to contemporary art, highlighting the way of life of the Zambian people through paintings, sculptures and models. The upper gallery tells a glowing story of Zambia's development, from ancient through historic past to contemporary way of life. The children's corner is yet another display attraction on the upper floor.

Location / Telephone Number[edit]

  • Independence Avenue / Nasser Road, Kamwala, Lusaka ZAMBIA
  • Tel: 260-1-228805/6/7
  • Opening hours from 9.00hrs to 16.30hrs every day
  • Entry fee:

Residents K 2000 Others $2


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