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In Caribbean folklore, the lusca is a name given to a sea monster said to exist in the region.


Many reports of the creature are from the blue holes, off Andros, an island in the Bahamas. Scientists describe the sightings as giant squid or oceanic phenomena.[citation needed]


The lusca is said to grow over 75 ft (23 m) long, or even 200 ft (60 m) long,[citation needed] but no cases have been proven of other octopus species growing up to even half these lengths. To attack properly on the surface, the octopus would have to have one tentacle on the sea floor to balance itself; this would mean that such accounts, if real, would have to take place in relatively shallow water. Other descriptions also mention that it can change color, a characteristic commonly found in smaller octopi. The supposed habitat is rugged underwater terrain, large undersea caves, the edge of the continental shelf, or other areas where large crustaceans are found, which is supposedly on what they feed. It is sometimes described as half shark, half octopus; and occasionally it is described as a half octopus and half beautiful woman with hair so long it tangles around its victims before its tentacles drag it down. Although the general identification of the lusca is with the colossal octopus, it has also been described as either a multiheaded monster, a dragon-like creature, or some kind of evil spirit.[citation needed]

In popular culture[edit]

The reports of a lusca monster attacking swimmers and divers was investigated by Jeremy Wade, the host of the television series River Monsters, in the episode "Terror in Paradise" (season eight, episode four). After investigating reef sharks, tiger sharks, and some fish species, Wade settled on a large octopus being the most likely culprit for being the lusca monster.[citation needed]

In the film Sharktopus a half shark half octopus is the main antagonist.

A Caribbean Film Festival, Lusca Fantastic Film Fest, was named after this sea monster, The Festival is an annual event held in Puerto Rico. It is the first and only international fantastic film festival in the Caribbean.[1]

The survival video game Stranded Deep features an enemy giant squid named Lusca.

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