Lusen (Bavaria)

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Lusen in December 2007
Highest point
Elevation 1,373 m (4,505 ft)
Prominence 190 metres (620 ft)
Coordinates 48°56′23″N 13°30′25″E / 48.93972°N 13.50694°E / 48.93972; 13.50694Coordinates: 48°56′23″N 13°30′25″E / 48.93972°N 13.50694°E / 48.93972; 13.50694
Lusen is located in Germany
Location in Bavaria, Germany, on the border with Czech Republic
Location Bavaria, Germany -
Plzeň, Czech Republic
Parent range Bavarian/Bohemian Forest

Lusen (Czech: Luzný) is a mountain in Bavaria (Germany) and in the Plzeň Region (Czech Republic). Its peak is about 4,450 feet (1,360 m) south of the Czech Republic–Germany border. Streams forming on the north side become tributaries of the Vydra.

The Lusen is popular for hiking in summer and winter. There is a winter trail which is usually cleared of snow. However the bohemean wind might blow rather strongly and covers everything in ice as you can see in this panorama shot of the summit.

The winter trail is also ideal for sledging.

"GlasArche" - a glass vessel made by German glassmaker, hand carved Czech carvers.

Nature protection area[edit]

the Naturschutzgebiet Lusengipfel mit Hochwald wurde durch Bekanntmachung des Staatsministeriums des Innern vom 15. April 1969, Bayer. G.V.-Blatt Nr. 7/1969 errichtet. Es war 419,17 Hektar groß und erstreckte sich nordwestlich bis zum Großen Spitzberg. Heute gehört es zum Nationalpark Bayerischer Wald.