Lüshun Railway Station

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Lushun Railway Station
The Entrance to Lushun Railway Station

Lüshun Railway Station (in Chinese: 旅顺火车站) is located in Lüshunkou District of Dalian City, China, and is the final stop of the Dalian-Lushun branch of the Dalian-Harbin railway. It sits on the east side of the Long River, within a hundred meters of the Lüshun Naval Port, its building being of the Russian-style wooden architecture.

Currently,[when?] it is served by two passenger train services a day from Dalian.

In 2006, Lushun West Railway Station opened on another branch of the Dalian-Lushun railway branch, for Bohai Train Ferry.


  • 1898, Russia obtained the Kwantung Leased Territory and started construction of Chinese Eastern Railway
  • 1900, construction of Lushun Railway Station was started
  • 1903, Lushun Railway Station was completed and put into operation
  • 1904, operation was halted due to the Russo-Japanese War
  • 1905, after the fall of the Russian Lushun to the Japanese, the Russian broad gauge of the Dalian-Lushun branch line was changed to the Japanese narrow gauge
  • 1906, was placed under the control of South Manchuria Railway
  • 1907, the railway was changed to the standard gauge
  • 1945, after the fall of the Japanese Lushun, operated jointly by China and the Soviet Union
  • 1952, returned to China
  • 1985, became a Cultural Heritage site of Dalian City
  • 2005, rebuilt, retaining the original design

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Coordinates: 38°48′24″N 121°14′50″E / 38.8068°N 121.2473°E / 38.8068; 121.2473