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Lusine (also L'usine and Lusine ICL) is the stage name of Jeff McIlwain, an ambient/IDM musician. A native Texan, McIlwain now resides in Seattle. In 1998, he attended California Institute of the Arts to study 20th century electronic music and sound design for music and film. Soon after, he met Shad Scott and put out a self-titled release with Isophlux.

According to Andy Kellman of AllMusic,

"While there might be other producers who are more accomplished at making idyllic downtempo, or placid IDM, or abstract hip-hop, or haunting ambient techno, or blipping/skipping minimal house, few—if any—are capable of covering all of that ground with such sharp consistency on one disc."[1]

Lusine is Armenian for moon. Lusine is also a common name in Armenia. L'usine is French for the factory.



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Compilation albums[edit]

  • Various Artists – Refurbished Robots: KVRX Local Live Vol. 4 (1999; KVRX CD info)

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