Lust (Depth Charge album)

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Depth charge-lust limited reflection edition.jpg
Studio album by Depth Charge
Released 1999
Genre Trip hop
Length 52:53
Label DC Recordings
Producer J. Saul Kane
Depth Charge chronology
9 Deadly Venoms
Lust 2

Lust is the second album by Depth Charge, and alias of UK producer Jonathan Saul Kane. After five years with very little activity under the Depth Charge name, Kane returned with two albums almost at once (Lust 2 followed only a month later). Kane is often cited as a forerunner of trip hop and an influence on labels such as Mo'Wax and Ninja Tune[1] and tracks on the album continued to reflect his interest in B-movie culture, many tracks containing samples from comprise instrumental hip-hop beats with dialogue and musical samples from films, particularly martial arts movies, westerns and blaxploitation flicks.

There were some noticeable differences from the debut Depth Charge album, however. The tracks 21.3.1993 and Desire are much closer in sound to the electro records Kane makes under the pseudonym The Octagon Man. Harley Davidson is a cover of a song written by Serge Gainsbourg, and features vocals by Louise Prey.[2] Sex, Sluts 'n' Heaven features a vocal contribution by Blowfly. The album also contains a spoken word introduction by Hrönn Sveinsdóttir.[3]

Track list[edit]

1. Hronn's Intro (1:17)
2. Harley Davidson (4:40)
3. TDA (5:59)
4. Streets Of Gold (1:56)
5. Blue Lipps (3:51)
6. Bounty Killer III (6:09)
7. Dreaming Of The Jungle (4:37)
8. Sex Sluts'n'Heaven (4:20)
9. The Snare (4:53)
10. 21.3.1993 (5:45)
11. Desire (5:45)
12. So You Want To Be A Secret Agent? (5:05)
13. Genius Of Sci-Fi (4:28)