Lust (Lords of Acid album)

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Lords of Acid Lust.jpg
The Album Cover Features Nathalie Delaet
Studio album by Lords of Acid
Released October 25, 1991
Recorded 1988-1991
Genre Electronica, hardcore techno, new beat, rave
Length 60:51
Label Antler-Subway Records
Caroline Records
Producer Jade 4 U
Oliver Adams
Praga Khan
Jachri Praha
Lords of Acid chronology
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 4.5/5 stars[1]

Lust is the debut album by Belgian electronic band Lords of Acid, released in 1991. The band had released several 12-inch singles prior to their full-length debut, and these songs ("I Sit on Acid" and "Hey Ho!") were already dance club hits.

Continuing with their outrageous sexually-explicit, always tongue-in-cheek, often humorous lyrical themes, Lust had earned positive reviews from music critics, both in and out of the dance music community. As the album's title implies, the tracks touch upon various sexually-related topics, including sadism and masochism ("Rough Sex"), breast size ("I Must Increase My Bust"), sex with aliens ("Spacy Bitch") and oral and anal sex ("I Sit on Acid", whose entire lyrical content consists of the chant "I wanna sit on your face").

"The Most Wonderful Girl", an ode to self-love and masturbation, also appeared on the soundtrack to the film Sliver. The track "Hey Ho!" originally contained a sample of "Heigh-Ho" from the 1937 Walt Disney film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, however this sample was removed when the track appeared on this album most likely due to copyright issues.

The song "Let's Get High" features samples from Bill Cosby: Himself.

Lust has been re-issued twice: in 1996 (three bonus tracks added, "Paris France" and "Wet Dream" and "I Sit On Acid 96 Mix") and in 2001 in a "Stript" version, which presented the entire album with all vocals removed.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Take Control" Adams, Jade 4 U, Khan 4:41
2. "Rough Sex" Adams, Jade 4 U, Khan 4:51
3. "Let's Get High" Adams, Jade 4U, Khan 5:16
4. "The Most Wonderful Girl" Adams, Jade 4 U, Khan 4:46
5. "I Sit On Acid (Original)" Adams, Jade 4 U, Khan 5:52
6. "Spacy Bitch" Adams, Jade 4 U, Khan 5:32
7. "Pump My Body To The Top" Adams, Jade 4 U, Khan 5:08
8. "Mixed Emotions" Adams, Jade 4 U, Khan 4:27
9. "Lessons In Love" Adams, Jade 4 U, Khan 4:21
10. "Hey Ho!" Agaric, Bhab 4:42
11. "I Must Increase My Bust" Adams, Jade 4 U, Khan 4:31
12. "I Sit On Acid (Remix)" Jade 4 U, Khan, Van Oekel 6:22


  • Praga Khan: Vocals, Synthesizers, Programming
  • Oliver Adams: Synthesizers, Programming
  • Jade 4 U: Vocals, Synthesizers, Programming


  • Produced By Jade 4 U, Oliver Adams, Praga Khan, Agaric, Bhab & Jachri Praha
  • Mixed By Oliver Adams & Carl S. Johansen