Lust for Vengeance

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Lust for Vengeance
Lfv poster.png
Movie Poster
Directed by Sean Weathers
Produced by Aswad Issa
Written by Sean Weathers
Starring Michelle Soto
Distributed by Full Circle Filmworks
Release dates
  • December 20, 2001 (2001-12-20)
Running time
85 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Lust for Vengeance is an American softcore erotic thriller that was directed by Sean Weathers. The film was originally released on December 20, 2001 but received a re-release through Music Video Distributors on October 25, 2011.


Michael Richards is a rapist and murderer, but in his mind he’s a victim out to get retribution against the women who have wronged him. The film uses the sequence approach and follows each of the five female leads as opposed to a time-line. The film shifts back and forth to follow the point of view of each of the women as they are stalked and haunted by the blood hunger psychopath. Each sequence shows the women engage in graphic drug use and sex, that both come off very real to the naked eye, and reveals a little bit more of the story before each woman is ultimately “judged” by Michael.


Actor Role
Michelle Soto Jennifer Lopez
Tumaini Anna
Pierre-Sophia Petion Beth
Brian Dusseau Michael Richards/David White
Jeff Roches Steve
Walid Smith Anthony
Sergei Burbank Mark
Carlito Rivera Kenny
John Ciprio Putney Swope
Glenn "Illa" Skeete Spider
Julia Cornish Lisa

Critical reaction[edit]

Critical reception for Lust for Vengeance was predominantly negative. DVD Verdict and Arrow in the Head both gave negative reviews for the film, with DVD Verdict commenting that while Weathers "shows his love for the film" they considered it "an awful piece of work in every way".[1] Arrow in the Head remarked that while they liked the soundtrack, the movie was "an ill-made film filled with unflattering nudity".[2] gave a more positive review for Lust for Vengeance, stating that it wouldn't be for every viewer but that they overall enjoyed the film.[3]

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