Lust in Phaze

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Lust In Phaze: The Best of Soul Coughing
Lust in phaze album cover.png
Compilation album by Soul Coughing
Released March 19, 2002
Recorded 1993-1998
Genre Alternative rock
Label Slash / Warner Bros. Records
Producer Cole Cartwright, Soul Coughing, et al.
Soul Coughing chronology
El Oso
(1998)El Oso1998
Lust in Phaze
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 4.5/5 stars[1]

Lust in Phaze is a 2002 'best of' compilation album composed of tracks recorded by the band Soul Coughing. The album title comes from a lyric in their song "Soft Serve", which oddly, does not appear on this album. The album is composed of, in order, six tracks from the LP Ruby Vroom, "Buddha Rhubarb Butter" from the Warner Bros. sampler album Trademark Of Quality™,[2] "Unmarked Helicopters" from the X-Files tribute album Songs in the Key of X, six tracks from Irresistible Bliss, four tracks from El Oso, and, from the UK single for Super Bon Bon, a live version of "Casiotone Nation" and the Propellerheads' radio edit remix of "Super Bon Bon".[3]

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Bus To Beelzebub" (From Ruby Vroom)
  2. "Sugar Free Jazz" (From "Ruby Vroom")
  3. "True Dreams Of Wichita" (From "Ruby Vroom")
  4. "Screenwriter's Blues" (From "Ruby Vroom")
  5. "Janine" (From "Ruby Vroom")
  6. "Blueeyed Devil" (From "Ruby Vroom")
  7. "Buddha Rhubarb Butter" (From "Down To This" Single)
  8. "Unmarked Helicopters" (From Songs in the Key of X)
  9. "Super Bon Bon" (From Irresistible Bliss)
  10. "Soundtrack To Mary" (From "Irresistible Bliss")
  11. "Lazybones" (From "Irresistible Bliss")
  12. "Paint" (From "Irresistible Bliss")
  13. "Collapse" (From "Irresistible Bliss")
  14. "The Idiot Kings" (From "Irresistible Bliss")
  15. "Rolling" (From El Oso)
  16. "St. Louise is Listening" (Edit) (From "El Oso")
  17. "$300" (Edit) (From "El Oso")
  18. "Circles" (Edit) (From "El Oso")
  19. "Super Bon Bon" (Propellerheads Radio Edit) (From "Super Bon Bon" Single)
  20. "Casiotone Nation" (Live) (From "Super Bon Bon" Single)

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