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Lutepää July 2016.jpg
Lutepää is located in Estonia
Coordinates: 57°54′59″N 27°42′40″E / 57.91639°N 27.71111°E / 57.91639; 27.71111Coordinates: 57°54′59″N 27°42′40″E / 57.91639°N 27.71111°E / 57.91639; 27.71111
Country Estonia
CountyVõru County
ParishSetomaa Parish
Time zoneUTC+2 (EET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+3 (EEST)

Lutepää is a small community on the Värska-to-Saatse gravel road in southeast Estonia. At first sight, it is just like a thousand other villages in the lake and forest landscape of this region, where the Russian-Estonian border twists and turns in a manner that defies the logic of everyday life.

But Lutepää and the neighbouring villages of Saatse and Ulitina are utterly unusual for Lutepää is one of the few villages in the European Union that can only be reached by travelling through Russia. The one and only road through Lutepää cuts, on either side of the village, through Russia's Saatse Boot area, making Lutepää a practical enclave. No Russian visa is required to drive the road to Lutepää, but those in transit by car though the territory of the Russian Federation are not permitted to stop en route.

Lutepää, small hamlet as it is, is scarcely featured in many maps and guides, but a note about this diminutive community can be found at the website Hidden Europe