Lutesville, Missouri

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Lutesville was a city in Bollinger County, Missouri.[1] It was adjacent to and southwest of Marble Hill on Route 51 and Route 34. In 1869, the city was laid out to secure a St. Louis, Iron Mountain and Southern Railway depot location. It was named for its founder, Eli Lutes.[2][3] The railroad ceased operations through Lutesville in 1973.

In 1985, the cities of Lutesville and Marble Hill merged to form one city, retaining the name Marble Hill.[4][5] The former prospering city of Lutesville has been a part of the City of Marble Hill since then. Prior to the closing of the Lutesville post office in 1992, the Zip code of Lutesville was 63762.

Dry Creek Cemetery is located in Lutesville.[6]


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Coordinates: 37°18′01″N 89°58′52″W / 37.30028°N 89.98111°W / 37.30028; -89.98111