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Religions Hinduism, Sikhism and Islam
Languages Punjabi, Hindi and Urdu
Populated states Punjab (India), Haryana, Delhi, Sindh and Uttar Pradesh
Subdivisions Khatri Luthras and Arora Luthras

Luthra (Punjabi: ਲੂਥਰਾ, Hindī: लूथरा) is an Indo-Aryan Khatri and Arora surname originating in the Punjab region of Pakistan and India.

When Pakistan gained independence in 1947, some Luthras stayed in Pakistan were forced to be Muslims while originally Hindu and Sikh emigrated to India. The Muslim Luthra in Pakistan are considered part of Muslim Khatris. Today, Luthras live in numerous regions within India, but are mostly concentrated in Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh. Luthras can be both Sikh and Hindu, as the religions are generally very close in the Punjab region.[1]

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