Lutter (Lachte)

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Country Marwede, Bargfeld, Eldingen, Luttern
Basin features
Main source 93 m (305 ft)
River mouth North of Weyhausen
51 m (167 ft)
Basin size 149.6 km2 (57.8 sq mi)
Physical characteristics
Length 25.8 km (16.0 mi)

The Lutter is a small river in the Lüneburg Heath, Lower Saxony, Germany, right tributary of the Lachte. It has its source near Weyhausen, 7 km southeast of Unterlüß. It passes Bargfeld (where it is joined by the "Schmalwasser"), Eldingen, and Luttern. It flows into the river Lachte at Jarnsen, near Lachendorf, east of Celle.


Coordinates: 52°38′49″N 10°17′20″E / 52.647°N 10.289°E / 52.647; 10.289