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The Luvs logo during the 1990s
Product type Diapers and Training Pants
Owner Procter & Gamble
Country U.S.
Introduced 1976
Related brands Pampers
Markets U.S.
Tagline "Live, Learn & Then Get Luvs"

Luvs is a brand of disposable diapers made by Procter & Gamble which also is the maker of Pampers disposable diapers. It was sold as a "deluxe" brand in the late 1980s. Since 1994 it's sold as a budget brand. The brand also has baby wipes.


Diaper sizes[edit]

  • Newborn Up to 10 lb (up to 4.5 kg) – These are for smaller newborn infants. May be too small for some infants.
  • 1 8-14 lb (4-6 kg) – For larger newborns and infants up to 3 months old.
  • 2 12-18 lb (5-8 kg) – For infants from about 2 months to 6 months.
  • 3 16-28 lb (7-13 kg) – For the transition of infancy and toddlerhood - for babies from about 5 months to 2 years.
  • 4 22-37 lb (10-17 kg) – For toddlers to preschoolers from about 1 year to just about 3 years of age.
  • 5 27+ lb (12+ kg) – For toddlers to preschoolers from about 2 and a half years to 4 years old. Ideal for preschoolers who still wet heavily at night. About the size of size 4 underwear.
  • 6 35+ lb (16+ kg) – For larger toddlers as well as preschoolers and elementary school kids from 3 years to 8 years of age. Fits an average 4th grader easily. For children who toilet train later than usual as well as those who may be trained during the day but need nighttime protection and wet too heavily for Pull Ups products. About the size of Size 6 underwear.

Discontinued Products[edit]

  • Luvs Training Pants
  • Luvs Sleepdrys – Disposable underpants for older children who still have bed-wetting problems at night (Discontinued in 2004)
  • Luvs SplashWear Swim Diapers(Discontinued in 2004)
  • Luvs Deluxe for boys - Diapers that were colored blue and was most absorbent in the front, later had a blue pinstripe print on them (Discontinued in 1991)
  • Luvs Deluxe for girls - Diapers that were colored pink and was most absorbent in the middle, later had a rosebud design print on them (Discontinued in 1991)
  • Luvs Deluxe for girls - Diapers that were colored pink starting in 1987. Luvs Deluxe for girls had pink plastic backing until 1991. Then Luvs switched to a rosebud design until 1992. From 1992 through 1994, Luvs for girls went back to solid pink plastic backing.

Similar story for diapers for boys. First solid blue plastic backing from 1987 to 1991. Then a pinstripe design from 1991 until 1992. Then solid blue backing through 1994. 1992 diapers were sold in sizes up through "Walker size 3". Then in 1993, the sizing went from 1 through 5.

  • Luvs Phases diapers(Discontinued in 1994)
  • Luvs (Super) Baby Pants (Discontinued in 1987)
  • Luvs Diapers with Dri-Weave
  • Luvs Overnight Leakguards - Extra absorbent diapers for use at night and featured glow in the dark designs with Barney the Dinosaur (Discontinued in 2004)

Brand history[edit]

  • 1976: The brand is introduced, with help from astronaut Kenneth Buell.
  • 1984: New Luvs are introduced with thicker padding.
  • 1985: Baby Pants are introduced.
  • 1986: Super Baby Pants are introduced. Extra large size is also introduced.
  • 1987: Luvs Deluxe is introduced, a diaper that claims to be "so leak-resistant, it works overnight."
  • 1989: Luvs Deluxe introduces single-sex diapers, differentiating the spot where boys and girls wet most.
  • 1991: Luvs Phases are introduced.
  • 1994: Luvs introduces the Dri-Weave, an absorbent material found in Always. This was only used for a short while. The product became a budget brand.
  • 1995: Luvs re-introduced unisex diapers.
  • 1996: Luvs introduces the stretch diaper, a diaper that features the "elastic waistband".
  • 1997: Barney the Dinosaur first appears on Luvs diapers, in consideration to the theatrical release of Barney's Great Adventure. As part of a deal, Luvs diapers make a cameo in the movie.
  • 1999: Luvs introduces the Size 6.
  • 2000: Luvs SplashWear is introduced.
  • 2001: Luvs Overnight Leakguards are introduced. Shortly thereafter Luvs began using a cloth-like cover.
  • 2002: Luvs SleepDrys, disposable underpants for older children with bed-wetting problems.
  • 2004: Blue's Clues designs first appear. At that point, the diapers were made with softer material and the Velcro tabs were more cloth-like. SleepDrys and SplashWear were discontinued.
  • 2006: "The Change to Luvs Challenge" is first used in that year.
  • 2007: Bear Hug Stretch is introduced.

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