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The Luvs logo during the 1990s
Product typeDiapers and Training Pants
OwnerProcter & Gamble
CountryUnited States
Introduced1976; 44 years ago (1976)
Related brandsPampers
Tagline"Live, Learn & Then Get Luvs Now"

Luvs is an brand of disposable diapers made by Procter & Gamble. Luvs were sold as "deluxe" diapers in the late 1980s, though they have been sold as budget diapers since 1994. The Luvs brand also includes baby wipes.

Brand history[edit]

  • 1976: The brand is introduced, with help from astronaut Kenneth Buell.[1][2]
  • 1984: New Luvs are introduced with thicker padding.
  • 1985: Baby Pants are introduced.
  • 1986: Super Baby Pants are introduced. Extra large size is also introduced.
  • 1987: Luvs Deluxe is introduced, a diaper that claims to be "so leak-resistant, it works overnight."
  • 1989: Luvs Deluxe introduces single-sex diapers, differentiating the spot where boys and girls wet most.
  • 1991: Luvs Phases are introduced.
  • 1992: Planet Stinks debuted.
  • 1994: Luvs introduces the Dri-Weave, an absorbent material found in Always. This was only used for a short while. The product became a budget brand. At the same time Season 2 of Planet Stinks debuted.
  • 1995: Luvs re-introduced unisex diapers. Planet Stinks was cancelled
  • 1996: Luvs introduces the stretch diaper, a diaper that features the "elastic waistband".
  • 1998: Barney the Dinosaur make his debut on Luvs diapers, in consideration to the theatrical release of Barney's Great Adventure. As part of a deal, Luvs diapers make a cameo in the movie.
  • 1999: Luvs introduces the Size 6 & a new logo.
  • 2000: Luvs SplashWear is introduced.
  • 2001: Luvs Overnight Leakguards are introduced. Shortly thereafter Luvs began using a cloth-like cover.
  • 2002: Luvs SleepDrys, disposable underpants for older children with bed-wetting problems.
  • 2004: Blue's Clues designs make their debut. At that point, the diapers were made with softer material and the Velcro tabs were more cloth-like. SleepDrys and SplashWear were discontinued.
  • 2006: "The Change to Luvs Challenge" is first used in that year.
  • 2007: Bear Hug Stretch is introduced, until 2008.


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