Lux Mundi (statue)

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Lux Mundi
Lux Mundi, the sculpture of Jesus at Solid Rock Church.jpg
Artist Tom Tsuchiya
Year September 30, 2012 [1]
Type Polymer composite, steel

Lux Mundi (Latin for "Light of the World") is a 15.8 meter (52 ft) tall statue of Jesus at Solid Rock Church, a Christian nondenominational church near Monroe, Ohio, in the United States. Designed by Tom Tsuchiya, Lux Mundi replaced the statue King of Kings which was struck by lightning and destroyed in 2010.[2][3]


The entire structure was designed using CAD software.

The statue shows Jesus stepping forward with a welcoming gesture, a pose inspired by the Gospels of St. Matthew and St. John.[4] Facing I-75, the statue will stand on a foundation decorated by rocks with a cascading water feature.[5] For inspiration for the statue’s design, Tsuchiya translated parts of the surviving Greek texts of the Gospels. Using two themes drawn from the texts: αγάπη (“affectionate love”) and εξουσία (“authority”), Tsuchiya designed Jesus stepping forward with his arms in an embracing pose.[6]

Because of its pose and inviting quality, Lux Mundi has earned the nickname “Hug Me Jesus”.[7]


A detailed picture of the statue.

The polymer composite and steel sculpture is mainly fabricated by Display Dynamics of Clayton, Ohio. Since the original statue at Solid Rock Church was destroyed by fire, the new statue incorporates fire resistant materials including a lightning suppression system.[8] Following several months of work, the major pieces of the statue were assembled together at the site on September 19, 2012.[9][10] Lux Mundi was completed in time for its dedication on September 30, 2012.[9]

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