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Lux Products Corporation
Founded 1991
Headquarters Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Key people
Paul Balon, CEO
Products Thermostats, Timers, Range Parts
Number of employees

Lux Products Corporation is an American company that produces a variety of consumer products for the home, serving customers from private consumers to commercial contractors. It originally started as the Lux Clock Manufacturing Company of Waterbury Connecticut. Since that time, Lux has changed hands several times, and expanded its product line. Lux is now headquartered in Mount Laurel, New Jersey, with a plant in Laredo, Texas. Its current chief executive officer is Paul Balon. The company has a workforce of approximately 50 people.[1]

Lux Products produces many household items that consumers may recognize. Some of the most recognizable products are its line of home thermostats, range parts, and timers.

Lux Products' Minute Minder timer.


The company has its origins in the Lux Clock Manufacturing Company, founded in 1914 by Paul Lux. After being employed by the Waterbury Clock Company of Connecticut, Mr. Lux, along with his German-born wife Caroline, and sons Fred and Herman, decided to start their own clock business. The Lux Clock Manufacturing Company was based in Waterbury, Connecticut and produced only clock movements at that time. In the years that followed, the company grew and began making the entire clock unit. Lux Clock produced clocks until 1941, at which time they made war related products.

Clock production resumed after the war, and in 1954 a plant was established in Lebanon, Tennessee. By 1959 a Lux Time Ltd. facility was built in Ontario, Canada. In June 1961, the Robertshaw-Fulton Controls Company, a leading manufacturer of thermostats and controls, bought out the Lux Clock Manufacturing Company.[2]

Robertshaw continued to be a leader in thermostat production and also produced clocks and timers under the Robertshaw Controls Company, Lux Time Division name.

Robertshaw sold its consumer division of the company in 1991 to Michael DeLuca and it was run by Paul Balon, CEO. The new company, Lux Products Corporation retained the original Lux name and continued to produce a full range of thermostats, timers, and additional household items.[3] Lux Products is headquartered in Mount Laurel, New Jersey with its U.S. plant based in Laredo, Texas.

In August 2014, Lux Products Corporation was acquired by Edwin McAuley Electronics(EME). EME is an original design manufacturer and has been a major supplier to Lux Products for more than 20 years. Paul Balon will remain CEO and Lux Products will continue to operate as an independent vendor headquartered in Mount Laurel, New Jersey . It’s nationwide distribution center remains in Laredo, Texas. Lux Products Corporation will continue to sell a complete range of thermostats, timers and range replacement parts.[4]


Michael DeLuca, former chairman of the board, provided leadership for the company for over 20 years and brought it into the modern age by adding innovative items to its traditional line of products. Paul Balon continues as CEO since 1991. Lux has received accolades for its innovation of products by major consumer magazines and is now selling its products globally.



Lux Products WIN100 Heating & Cooling Programmable Outlet Thermostat shown with control door closed and open.
Next Generation Lux Products TX9600TS Universal 7-Day Programmable Touch Screen Thermostat.
Lux Products' Model TX9000TS touch-screen thermostat

Lux Products Corporation produces electronic (programmable and digital) and mechanical thermostats for nearly every heating and cooling application. Lux thermostats have been mentioned by energy bloggers for their energy efficient and mercury-free thermostats.[5] A programmable thermostat can save energy by adjusting heating or cooling for the periods when the building is in use. Such products may meet the Energy Star ratings under the program started by the EPA.[6]


The company's timer line includes the Minute Minder timers, the modern versions thereof introduced by the Lux Clock Manufacturing Company around 1950. The originals were originally offered in white with red numerals, but different colors were later added to the line. The timer line also includes a variety of additional timers, including digital timers and kitchen timers made of anti-microbial materials.

Range replacement parts[edit]

Lux Products Corporation produces a full spectrum[clarification needed] of gas and electric range parts.


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