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Lux Style Awards
Current: 18th Lux Style Awards
11th Lux Style Awards logo.jpg
Awarded forExcellence in media achievements
Presented byUnilever Pakistan
First awarded2002
Last awarded2019
Television/radio coverage
NetworkPTV and Private Channels of Pakistan

The Lux Style Awards is an award ceremony held annually in Pakistan since 2002. The awards celebrate "style" in the Pakistani entertainment industry, and it is the oldest event dedicated to cinema, television, fashion, music and film industry in Pakistan. Categories have changed over the years, but most are awarded by panels of judges who are experts in the respective industries, with some "people's choice" awards in the film and TV categories.[1]

The ceremonies, which are televised, have usually been held in Karachi, but in some years have taken place in Lahore, Kuala Lumpur and Dubai.


The Lux Style Awards were created and developed in 2002 by Naheed Chowdhry, the female executive who headed the Unilever Lux team at the time,[2] in collaboration with Frieha Altaf, TV and event producer and former model.[3][4] It is the largest annual awards ceremony held in Pakistan as well as the oldest.[5][6]

"I wanted to ensure that there was a sustainable legacy created that impartially assessed contributors and gave back to society through scholarships in the arts and culture arena", says Chowdhry."One that would go on to be recognised as the 'Oscars' of Pakistan."

The first awards were presented in 2002 at the Naval Base in Karachi, Pakistan due to heightened security and high-profile attendance. The Awards Ceremony was preceded by seven days of exhibitions and fashion shows at different smaller venues throughout Karachi and on Manora island, as a build-up to the final show. Since 2002, the event has been condensed to three days, hosting various events and activities relating to the Pakistan film industry.[citation needed]

The ceremony was postponed in 2008 owing to security concerns and economic conditions, and in the same year, it was decided to provide annual scholarships to students of the National College of Arts (TV and Film), National Academy of Performing Arts (Music) and to two fashion schools.[7]

People's Choice awards for best actor and actress had originally been added to engage audiences viewing the show, but in 2019 it was decided to add critics' choice awards for these categories as well.[8] The Lux Awards have been televised in most years.[9]


The following is a listing of all Lux Style Awards ceremonies since 2002.

Ceremony Date Best Film Venue
1st Lux Style Awards 18 February 2002 Tere Pyar Mein[10] Naval Base, Karachi
2nd Lux Style Awards 24 February 2003 Yeh Dil Aap Ka Huwa Expo Centre, Karachi
3rd Lux Style Awards 13 March 2004 Dubai, UAE
4th Lux Style Awards 15 March 2005 Khamosh Pani Expo Centre, Karachi
5th Lux Style Awards 21 February 2006 Koi Tujh Sa Kahan Expo Centre, Karachi
6th Lux Style Awards 24 May 2007 Majajan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
7th Lux Style Awards 29 October 2008 Khuda Kay Liye Expo Centre, Karachi
8th Lux Style Awards 12 September 2009 Ramchand Pakistani Expo Centre, Karachi
9th Lux Style Awards 28 February 2010 Nach Ke Yaar Manana Expo Centre, Lahore
10th Lux Style Awards 10 March 2011 Not Awarded Expo Centre, Karachi
11th Lux Style Awards 16 September 2012 Bol Expo Centre, Karachi
12th Lux Style Awards 4 July 2013 Not Awarded Expo Centre, Lahore
13th Lux Style Awards 4 December 2014 Zinda Bhaag Mövenpick, Karachi
14th Lux Style Awards 30 September 2015 Na Maloom Afraad Expo Centre, Karachi
15th Lux Style Awards 29 July 2016 Moor Expo Centre, Karachi
16th Lux Style Awards 19 April 2017 Actor in Law Expo Centre, Karachi
17th Lux Style Awards 20 February 2018 Punjab Nahi Jaungi Expo Centre Lahore
18th Lux Style Awards 7 July 2019 Cake Karachi Expo Centre
19th Lux Style Awards 17 December 2020 Laal Kabootar

Entertainment Categories[edit]





Lux Style Award for Best film[edit]


Until 2011, it was chosen by public voting. From 2012 onwards, the winner has been chosen by an LSA jury. Tere Pyaar Mein was the first winner. Every year, LSA jury short lists number of films between 1 and 10. Only those short listed films are nominated in the ceremony. Usually, five films are nominated for Best Film. In 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009 and 2011, no nominations were announced due to lack of films releases. In 2010 and 2012, no award was given because jury did not find any film worth winning. Three films were nominated in 2001, 2002 and 2008. In 2013, four films were nominated for the award.

Best Film and Best Director[edit]

Best Film and Best Director are closely linked. Only two films (Yeh Waada Raha and Cake) have won the award without winning Best Director.

Winners and Nominee[edit]