Luxembourg 1. Division

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Luxembourg 1. Division
Country Luxembourg Luxembourg
Confederation UEFA
Number of teams 28
Level on pyramid 3
Promotion to Luxembourg Division of Honour
Relegation to 2. Division
Domestic cup(s) Luxembourg Cup

Luxembourg 1. Division (Luxembourgish: 1. Divisioun) is the third level in the league system of Luxembourg football.

The competition[edit]

There are 28 clubs in 1. Division, divided in two groups of 14 teams. At the end of each season the three lowest placed teams of each group are relegated to 2. Division and the six winning teams from the two 3. Division leagues are promoted in their place. The top team in each 1. Division group is promoted to Luxembourg Division of Honour and the two lowest placed teams from Luxembourg Division of Honour are relegated in their place. The second placed teams in each 1. Division group plays a promotion/relegation play-off against the third and fourth lowest teams in Luxembourg Division of Honour.

2012–13 clubs[edit]

Previous winners[edit]

Season Serie 1 Serie 2
1996/1997 FC Swift Hesperange FC Tricolore Gasperich
1997/1998 FC Koeppchen Wormeldange UN Käerjéng 97
1998/1999 - -
1999/2000 FC Victoria Rosport FC Mamer 32
2000/2001 Daring Echternach AS Differdange
2001/2002 FC Koeppchen Wormeldange FC Schifflingen 95
2002/2003 FC Minerva Lintgen CS Fola Esch
2003/2004 Union Mertert Wasserbillig Daring Echternach
2004/2005 FC Minerva Lintgen FC Mamer 32
2005/2006 SC Steinfort US Hostert
2006/2007 FC Atert Bissen FC Minerva Lintgen
2007/2008 FC Flaxweiler-Beyren FC Koeppchen Wormeldange
2008/2009 Young Boys Diekirch CS Oberkorn
2009/2010 FC Green Boys 77 Harlange-Tarchamps US Mondorf-les-Bains
2010/2011 FF Norden 02 FC UNA Strassen