Luxembourg general election, 1915

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General elections were held in Luxembourg on 23 December 1915.[1] The Party of the Right emerged as the largest party, winning 25 of the 52 seats in the Chamber of Deputies.


Earlier in the year Grand Duchess Marie-Adélaïde had appointed a right-wing minority government.[1] However, the government was unable to properly function due to its lack of a majority in the Chamber of Deputies. Marie-Adélaïde then dissolved the Chamber and called new elections.


Although the Party of the Right increased their representation from 20 to 25 seats, they were still short of a majority. The Hubert Loutsch government lost a vote of confidence on 11 January 1916 and resigned. Marie-Adélaïde's interference in domestic politics was strongly criticised by left-wing parties, and was partially responsible for her being forced to abdicate in favour of Charlotte in 1919.[2]


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