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Developer(s) Luxinia
Stable release 1.400 / December 0, 2009; 5 years ago (2009-12-00)
Written in C
Platform Cross-platform
Type 3D graphics engine
License MIT/NetBSD

Luxinia is a 3D engine written in C. For rendering it uses OpenGL and Cg. The window management is handled with GLFW. As sound library OpenAL was chosen and for physics ODE is used. A key feature of the engine is the binding to the Lua programming language. Due to Lua being an interpreted language, the users do not need any compilers but can purely work with the high-level language to code their projects.

Development was started in 2004 by Christoph Kubisch and Eike Decker.[1] The first public release was in December 2005. The engine is free to use for commercial application.[2]

Originally meant as a framework for creating games, it is used in academic research as well.[3]

Various sample applications and tutorials exist,[4] as well as an open-source IDE.[5]


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