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Luxury is a rock band from Toccoa, Georgia. They began playing together as The Shroud at Toccoa Falls College in the early 1990s, and changed their name to Luxury just before signing with Tooth & Nail Records and releasing their debut album, Amazing And Thankyou, which was one of the few non-hardcore releases on the label at the time.

Luxury toured extensively in the months following Amazing And Thankyou's release. In late 1995, a bad highway collision between touring engagements resulted in most of the band's members being hospitalized. Consequently, Luxury took a year-long hiatus before going back on tour to support their second album, The Latest & The Greatest, though with fewer dates than initially anticipated. After growing more and more unhappy with the continually waning resources and promotion provided them by Tooth & Nail, they opted (in 1997) not to renew their contract with the label, and instead released their third album, Luxury (1999), on Bulletproof Records, a smaller and more artist-friendly label. Soon after, Luxury broke up, and the band members went their separate ways.

Jamey Bozeman started a new band called Canary, which soon became They Sang as They Slew, while Lee Bozeman recorded a solo project, Love & Affection, under the moniker All Things Bright and Beautiful. In 2005 Luxury reconvened in Toccoa to make a new record, after a six-year hiatus. The result was their fourth effort as Luxury, called Health And Sport, which was released on Northern Records. The new recording featured all the original members of the band: Lee and Jamey Bozeman, Glenn Black, Chris Foley, and Matt Hinton (described by Jamey in a 1999 interview as the band's "fifth leg").

In May 2008, Luxury became involved in a dispute with a Boston-based band using the name "Luxury", resulting in confusion relating to the latter's album sales on Subsequently, the latter took on the name "The Luxury."

In February 2013, the members of Luxury reunited to begin the process of song writing for a new album. Five songs were roughly worked out over a three-day period. Luxury is currently releasing its recordings as an independent, unsigned act.

Religious Issues[edit]

Luxury were signed to Tooth & Nail Records, whose origins are in the independent Christian music scene. The members of Luxury all identify as "Christian", though they largely eschewed the Christian music scene on principle.

Currently, three of the five members (Foley, Bozeman and Bozeman) are ordained Orthodox priests, serving in the Orthodox Church in America.

Band members[edit]

  • Lee Bozeman - vocals, guitar
  • Jamey Bozeman - guitar, background vocals
  • Chris Foley - bass
  • Glenn Black - drums
  • Matt Hinton - guitar, banjo, mandolin


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