Luye, Taitung

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Coordinates: 22°57′09″N 121°09′46″E / 22.95250°N 121.16278°E / 22.95250; 121.16278

Luye Township in Taitung County
Luye Township
Luye Township Office

Luye Township (Chinese: 鹿野鄉; pinyin: Lùyě Xiāng; Wade–Giles: Lu4-yeh3 Hsiang1) is a rural township in Taitung County, Taiwan. It is located in the Huatung Valley.[1]


The township is located at the Huatung Valley.

Administrative divisions[edit]

  • Luye Village
  • Longtian Village
  • Yongan Village
  • Ruilong Village
  • Ruiyuan Village
  • Ruihe Village
  • Ruifeng Village


The government has been developing the township to be a major tea production area in east coast of Taiwan.[2]

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