Luye Highlands

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Luye Highlands
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Highest point
Elevation350 m (1,150 ft)
Coordinates22°54′48.2″N 121°07′10.6″E / 22.913389°N 121.119611°E / 22.913389; 121.119611Coordinates: 22°54′48.2″N 121°07′10.6″E / 22.913389°N 121.119611°E / 22.913389; 121.119611
Native name鹿野高臺 (Chinese)
Luye Highlands is located in Taitung County
Luye Highlands
Luye Highlands

The Luye Highlands (Chinese: 鹿野高台; pinyin: Lùyě Gāotái) are highlands close to Yong'an Village, Luye Township, Taitung County, Taiwan.


The highland is famous for its hot air balloons and paragliding activities.[1][2] The Taiwan International Balloon Fiesta has been held here annually since 2011.[3]


It has an average elevation of around 350 meters above sea level.[4]


The highlands are accessible north west from Luye Station of Taiwan Railways.

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