Luzha River

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The Luzha River (Russian: Лужа), a river in Kaluga Oblast in Russia, originates in Moscow Oblast. It is a right tributary of the Protva River (in the Oka river basin). The Luzha has a length of 159 km (99 mi) and a drainage basin area of 1,400 km2 (540 sq mi). The Luzha freezes up in November (rarely in December) and breaks up in April. The town of Maloyaroslavets, the site of an important battle in 1812 during the French invasion of Russia, is located on the Luzha River.


Coordinates: 55°03′18″N 36°31′12″E / 55.05500°N 36.52000°E / 55.05500; 36.52000