Luzhou District

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Luzhou District
San Chung Bus Luzhou Station 20131221.jpg
Luzhou District in New Taipei City
Luzhou District in New Taipei City
Coordinates: 25°05′N 121°28′E / 25.083°N 121.467°E / 25.083; 121.467Coordinates: 25°05′N 121°28′E / 25.083°N 121.467°E / 25.083; 121.467
Country Republic of China (Taiwan)
Special municipality New Taipei City
Population (January 2016)
 • Total 200,055
Time zone +8

Luzhou District (Chinese: 蘆洲區; Hanyu Pinyin: Lúzhōu Qū; Tongyong Pinyin: Lújhou Cyu; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Lô·-chiu-khu) is an inner city district in northwestern New Taipei City, Taiwan. It is the second smallest district in New Taipei City after Yonghe District.


Historically the area was called Lō·-chiu (鷺州) and Hê-siūⁿ-chiu (和尚州). Until the 25 December 2010 creation of New Taipei, Luzhou was itself a county-controlled city (Chinese: 蘆洲市; pinyin: Lúzhōu Shì; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Lô·-chiu Chhī; postal: Luchou) in the former Taipei County.


It has an area of 7.4351 km² (2013) and a population of 199,750 people in 68,922 households (December 2014). Luzhou has the second highest population density in Taiwan (after Yonghe) and 13th in the world,[1] with over 26,600 people per km².


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The Luzhou Line of the Taipei Metro serves Luzhou with three stations in the district.

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