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Luzhou Laojiao Company Limited
State-owned enterprise
HeadquartersLuzhou, Sichuan, China
Key people
Chairman: Xie Ming
WebsiteLuzhou Laojiao Company Limited
Luzhou Laojiao
Traditional Chinese瀘州老窖
Simplified Chinese泸州老窖
Literal meaningLuzhou Old Cellar

Luzhou Laojiao is a famous liquor in China brewed from fermented sorghum. It is a strongly alcoholic (more than 50% alcohol) but clear liquid with a sharp aroma of fermented peaches. It is famous for being brewed in an environment with a unique clay composition that gives the spirit its famous aroma and palette.[1] Luzhou (jiào) is one of China's oldest four famous wines, "fragrant ancestors, wine in China," China's large-scale liquor listed companies (Shenzhen Stock Exchange 000568)


The history of the distillery dates back to 1573 in the Ming dynasty, and it is one of the oldest Chinese liquors that is still in production.[2]

Luzhou Laojiao is now exclusively produced by Luzhou Laojiao Company Limited (SZSE: 000568), which is headquartered in Luzhou, Sichuan province, China. Luzhou Laojiao is considered to be one of the best beverages in Sichuan. Two other well-known beverages of Sichuan are Mianzhu daqu and Wuliangye.[3]

|Origin Environment=


Luzhou has a mild climate with an extreme maximum temperature of 40.3 ℃, an extreme minimum temperature of -1.1 ℃, annual maximum rainfall of 1614.9mm, annual minimum precipitation of 77.8mm, average annual wind speed of 2.5m / s and maximum wind speed of 10m / s, Frequency of 5W / 20, this climate is bound to breed Luzhou regional unique crop quality and microbial groups, mainly for Luzhou local soft wheat as raw material of Quzhou and Luzhou native glutinous red sorghum Luzhou Laojiao wine as raw material Production has a significant impact.

Water Source[edit]

{{Luzhou Laojiao brewing water, the history of access to Longquan well water, the expert test analysis, the water odorless, slightly sweet, was weakly acidic, appropriate degrees, can promote yeast breeding, and favorable glycosylation and fermentation. The production of large-scale production of the Yangtze River water, and after treatment by the water plant more excellent water quality, the water is rich in calcium, magnesium and other trace elements. Water quality is weakly acidic, suitable hardness, mold, yeast growth and reproduction and enzyme metabolism played a good role in promoting, in particular, can promote the enzymatic reaction is Daqu liquor brewed high-quality water}}


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