Lviv Oblast Council

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Lviv Oblast Council
Coat of arms or logo
Yevhenii Hirnyk (acting)
Political groups
Government (44)
  •   European Solidarity (28)
  •   Servant of the People (9)
  •   Fatherland (7)

Opposition (34)

Last election
25 October 2020[1]
Meeting place
Government House, Lviv, Lviv Oblast

The Lviv Oblast Council or Lviv Regional Council (Ukrainian: Львівська обласна рада) is the regional council (parliament) of the Lviv Oblast (region) located in western Ukraine.

Legislative framework[edit]

The Regional Council is a local self-government body representing the common interests of territorial communities of villages, towns and cities within the powers defined by the Constitution of Ukraine and Ukrainian Law On Local Self-Government in Ukraine.[2]

Composition and work procedure[edit]

The Lviv Regional Council consists of 84 members who are elected by Lviv Region residents on the basis of universal, equal and direct suffrage. Council members are elected for a five year term. In order to gain representation in the Council, a party must gain more than 5 percent of the total vote.[3]

The Council meets in regular and extraordinary sessions. The session is plenipotentiary if more than a half of its members (at least 43) participate in the meeting.

Recent elections[edit]


Distribution of seats after the 2020 Ukrainian local elections

Election date was 25 October 2020[4]


Distribution of seats after the 2015 Ukrainian local elections

Election date was 25 October 2015[5]


Regional executive committee[edit]

  • Nikolai Kozyrev (1939–1940)
  • Pyotr Timchenko (1940–1941)
  • Nikolai Kozyrev (1944–1949)
  • Kuzma Pelekhaty (1949–1952)
  • Pyotr Mirgorodsky (1952, acting)
  • Pyotr Kozlanyuk (1952–1954)
  • Semyon Stefanik (1954–1963)
  • Fyodor Koval (1963–1964; industrial)
  • Semyon Stefanik (1963–1964; agrarian)
  • Semyon Stefanik (1964–1969)
  • Timofey Telishevsky (1969–1979)
  • Pyotr Shavkov (1979–1980, acting)
  • Mikhail Kirei (1980–1990)
  • Stepan Davimuka (1990–1991)

Regional council[edit]

  • Viacheslav Chornovil (1990–1992)
  • Mykola Horyn (1992–1997)
  • Orest Furdychko (1997–1998)
  • Stepan Senchuk (1998–2001)
  • Yaroslav Hadzalo (2001–2002)
  • Mykhailo Sendak (2002–2006)
  • Myroslav Senyk (2006–2010)
  • Oleg Pankevych (2010–2012)
  • Petro Kolodiy (2012–2015)
  • Oleksandr Hanushchyn (2015–2020)
  • Iryna Hrymak (2020–2023)
  • Yevhenii Hirnyk (acting, since 2023)


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