Lyakhavichy District

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Coat of arms

Lyakhavichy District (Belarusian: Ляхавіцкі раён, Russian: Ляховичский район) is an administrative subdivision, a raion of Brest Region, in Belarus.


At the time of the Belarus Census (2009), Lyakhavichy Raion had a population of 30,498. Of these, 88.4% were of Belarusian, 6.5% Polish, 3.5% Russian and 0.9% Ukrainian ethnicity. 90.5% spoke Belarusian and 8.1% Russian as their native language.

Coordinates: 53°02′20″N 26°15′59″E / 53.03889°N 26.26639°E / 53.03889; 26.26639