Lycée Français de Chicago

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Lycée Français de Chicago
Lycée Français de Chicago is located in Chicago metropolitan area
Lycée Français de Chicago
Lycée Français de Chicago
Lycée Français de Chicago is located in Illinois
Lycée Français de Chicago
Lycée Français de Chicago
Lycée Français de Chicago is located in the United States
Lycée Français de Chicago
Lycée Français de Chicago
1929 W. Wilson Ave.


United States
Coordinates41°57′54″N 87°40′40″W / 41.9649°N 87.67771°W / 41.9649; -87.67771Coordinates: 41°57′54″N 87°40′40″W / 41.9649°N 87.67771°W / 41.9649; -87.67771
School typePrivate
PresidentEric Veteau
Average class size16-20
LanguageFrench, English, Spanish, German, Mandarin, and Latin
Team nameFlames

The Lycee Francais de Chicago is a private French international school in Lincoln Square, Chicago, Illinois.[1][2] It offers a dual French and English curriculum. The Lycée is founded on the French National Curriculum as defined by the French Ministry of Education and complemented by an English language program in addition to foreign language courses.


The private school was founded in 1995 by a group of French and American parents, with backing from French businesses and the support of the Consul General of France in Chicago. The Lycée is accredited by the French Ministry of Education and is listed on the official directory of the French Schools in Foreign Countries as part of the AEFE French worldwide network which includes over 450 schools outside France. The school is also registered with the Illinois Board of Education and accredited by the Independent School Association of Central States (ISACS). The Lycée Français de Chicago opened with 134 students. Today the school has over 700 American and foreign national students representing more than 30 nationalities, including French, American, Italian, Dutch, Austrian, German, Norwegian, Swedish, Greek, Czech, Polish, Ukrainian, Hungarian, Russian, Turkish, Pakistani, Canadian, English, Scottish, Irish, Croatian, Serbian, South African, Haitian, Chinese and many more.


In 2015, the Lycée moved to a new campus designed by STL Architects on the corner of Damen Avenue and Wilson Avenues in Ravenswood, west of the previous campus in Uptown.[3][4]


The school has a structural curriculum mandated by the French Ministry of Education and an English curriculum developed using guidelines from the National Council of Teachers of English and the State of Illinois.

The program conforms to the French system. It is broken down into subdivisions that roughly correspond to those in the American school system: pre-kindergarten, junior kindergarten and kindergarten, elementary school (1st through 5th grades), middle school (6 through 9th grades), and high school (10th through 12th grades).

The program from pre-K through 5th grade is divided into cycles: cycle 1 (pre-kindergarten, junior kindergarten and kindergarten), cycle 2 (1st and 2nd grade) and cycle 3 (3rd through 5th grade).

Middle school (collège) comprises grade 6 through 9. Instruction is structured according to subjects: French, English, mathematics, history, geography, civics, biology, technology, art, music and physical education. Beginning in grade 7 students also study physics and in both grade 6 and grade 8 they study an additional foreign language.

Grades 10, 11 and 12 define high school in the French system and those 3 years are known as lycée. During the lycée years students choose a track with emphasis on different courses: track L (literature), ES (economics and social sciences) or S (sciences).

The lycée years, as well as the curriculum as a whole, prepare the students for the French general Baccalaureate examination and the international option of the French Baccalaureate. With the Baccalaureate degree, students of the Lycée Français de Chicago can enter selective American or European schools, colleges, or universities.

The Lycee also offers the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme and Diploma Programme for English-speaking high school students.

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