Lycée Jacques-Monod

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Lycée Jacques-Monod
Lycée Jacques Monond Lescar.JPG
Lycée Jacques-Monod seen from the ramparts
10 rue du Parvis, Lescar
Coordinates 43°19′58″N 0°26′08″W / 43.332806°N 0.4354384000000664°W / 43.332806; -0.4354384000000664Coordinates: 43°19′58″N 0°26′08″W / 43.332806°N 0.4354384000000664°W / 43.332806; -0.4354384000000664
Established 1992 (1992)
Principal Eric Rottier

The lycée Jacques-Monod is a French institute of secondary and higher education located in Lescar (Pyrénées-Atlantiques). It has more than 800 students, and is located in a building with a rich history.


The establishment in 1900

In 1624,[1] three Barnabites living in Lescar in the college founded two years earlier by Bishop Jean de Salettes, with the mission of educating the youth. However, faced with the success of the college, the building proved too small.

A new building was built gradually between 1755 and 1779 to accommodate 100 students. This was the central building of the lycée Jacques-Monod. An important library was also constructed, and parts of it still form the current library at Pau. After the revolution, the religious order were forbidden to enter the college, and it closed in 1793. Over the following years, the building occupied numerous roles: house of detention, war hospital during the war with Spain, and even cotton mill.

After 1845, the building returned to its original function, with the founding of a teacher training college for the département of Basses-Pyrénées. In 1978, the building became an annex of the lycée Saint-Cricq in Pau. Finally, the independent lycée Jacques-Monod opened its doors in 1992 after expansion work. The current premises occupy more than 10,500 square metres (113,000 sq ft) and house more than 800 students, including boarders.


Educational structure[edit]

The lycée Jacques-Monod is composed of:

  • 8 classes of general secondary education (around 230 students) ;
  • 3 classes of 1st and Tlst S ;
  • 2 classes of 1st Tlst ES ;
  • 1 classe of 1st and Tlst L ;
  • 2 classe of 1st ST2S and 2 classes of Tlst ST2S ;
  • 1 classe of 1st and Tlst STL ;
  • 1 classe of BTS bio.

Evolution of the lycée[edit]

The works [2] were undertaken to allow construction of a new building of 2,500 square metres (27,000 sq ft) in the lycée park. This has been operational since the end of 2013 and comprises a kitchen, canteen, library, student office, and reception, student foyer, and multipurpose room for exams, conferences, and student events. The spaces also allow the existing building to free up rooms for courses, local partners, and teachers' lounges. Finally, the cost of the restructuring project was 10.5 million Euros, financed by the region of Aquitaine.


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