Lycée Lyautey (Casablanca)

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French Lycée Lyautey (Casablanca)
Logo lyautey.png
Morocco Casablanca
Type Private
Established 1958
Gender Co-educational
Language French

Lycée Lyautey is a French Lycée belonging to the French Mission in Casablanca, Morocco.[1] It was named after Marshal Louis Hubert Gonzalve Lyautey who was the Resident General in Morocco from 1912 to 1925.[2]

Lycée Lyautey is not only the most multicultural but also the most competitive school in Morocco. 96.51% of the class of 2008 passed the baccalauréat général (L, ES and S), where the French national average success rate was around 83.3%.[citation needed] 13% of the students passed the French baccalauréat général with the highest honours.[citation needed]

The Lycée also offers vocational and technology French Baccalaureates, which allows student to be more specialised in specific fields and be quickly inserted in the job market right after the successful completion of their Baccalaureate.


The current Lycée Lyautey building started construction in 1959 and opened in November 1963.[1]


Notable alumni[edit]

Ali Benmakhlouf, philosopher, writer and professor

  • Abigail Assor, journalist

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Coordinates: 33°35′46″N 7°38′06″W / 33.596°N 7.635°W / 33.596; -7.635