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French Lycée Lyautey (Casablanca)
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Lycée Lyautey is a French institution of secondary education located in Casablanca, Morocco.[1] It is composed of a collège (middle school) and a lycée (high school), and belongs to the Académie de Bordeaux, an educational administrative district in France. The school was named after Marshal Louis Hubert Gonzalve Lyautey who was the first French Resident General in Morocco from 1912 to 1925, at the beginning of the French protectorate in Morocco.[2]

Lycée Lyautey is the largest of the 32 academic institutions administered directly by the Agency for French Education Abroad (AEFE) in Morocco, and it's the second largest directly-administered AEFE institution in the world.[3]

With approximately 3,458 students (1,582 of whom hold French nationality) and 257 teachers, it is the second largest French educational institution in Morocco, after Lycée Louis-Massignon, which is administered by the French Mission. The average individual class size at Lycée Lyautey is 29 students.

96.51% of the class of 2008 passed the baccalauréat général exams (L, ES and S), whereas the French national average success rate was around 83.3%.[citation needed] 13% of the students passed the French baccalauréat général exams with the highest honors.[citation needed] The Lycée also offers vocational and technology French Baccalaureate diplomas.



The works on the old Lycée Lyautey, then known as the "Grand Lycée" (now Lycée Mohammed V), on Mers Sultan Avenue (now March 2 Avenue) in 1919. The school was inaugurated in 1921.[1] In 1929, the "Petit Lycée" (now the Ibn Toumart School) which received elementary school students, as well as middle school students from 1933.[1]

At the end of the colonial period, the cession of properties to the Moroccan government was organized. At this time, the Grand Lycée became the current Lycée Mohammed V, while the Petit Lycée became the Ibn Toumart School.[1]

Current Campus[edit]

The current Lycée Lyautey building was built on the site of the former French military camp Turpin. Construction started in 1959, and the school was inaugurated in November of 1963.[1] In 1965, the school annexed the neighboring land of the former French military camp Beaulieu, which already possessed a number of athletic installations.[1]

In 1970, Maurice Schumann, French minister of foreign affairs at the time under Georges Pompidou, wrote in the Lycée Lyautey guestbook:

« Hommage aux enseignants et au proviseur du plus grand lycée d’un empire spirituel : l’empire de la francophonie[1]»
"Homage to the teachers and to the director of the grandest lycée of a spiritual empire: the empire of the francophone world."


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