Lycée de garçons Luxembourg

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Lycée de garçons Luxembourg
LGL 2008.jpg
Luxembourg City
Coordinates 49°37′11″N 06°07′17″E / 49.61972°N 6.12139°E / 49.61972; 6.12139
Type Classical secondary school
Established 1892
Campus type Limpertsberg

The Lycée de garçons Luxembourg (English: Luxembourg Boys' High School) is a high school in Luxembourg City, in southern Luxembourg. The Lycée is located in the Limpertsberg quarter, in the north-west of the city and is currently considered to be the top secondary institution in Luxembourg.

The school was founded under the name 'École industrielle et commerciale' as an annex to the Athénée de Luxembourg, Luxembourg's oldest school, in 1892.[1] In 1908, the school moved to its current site, in Limpertsberg, when a new school was constructed there for 560,000 francs.[2] The school was renamed to its current title on 28 April 1945.[3]


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