Lycus, son of Poseidon

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Lycus is the son of one of the "big 3" Olympian Gods, Poseidon; while his mother is Calaeno who is one of the Pleiades, the seven daughters of Atlas whom Zeus forced to hold the world upon his shoulders for all eternity[1]. Lycus is married to Dirce, half brother to Eurypylus and uncle to Antiope. "Lycus" comes from the term Lykos which is the Greek translation for wolf. There are a plethora of different people in Greek mythology that have the name Lycus.


Lycus and his brother ruled over the Isles of the Fortunate which their father blessed. Lycus gained custody of his niece Antiope and imprisoned her while treating he very poorly. Eventually Antiope had two sons who vowed to reap revenge fro what Lycus and Dirce did to their mother for all those years.


Lycus' wife Dirce was killed by Antiopes two sons Amphion and Zethus. They disposed Lycus before actually killing him in revenge for their mother[2]. When Antiope was given over to Lycus he instantly gave her to Dirce who took her away and locked her up. Dirce was very cruel to Antiope and tortured her while she had custody over her. She eventually broke free and ran from Lycus and Dirce.


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