Lycus (river of Phrygia)

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Lycus or Lykos (Greek: Λύκος; Turkish: Çürüksu) was the name of a river in ancient Phrygia, a tributary of the Maeander, which it joins a few km south of Tripolis. It had its sources in the eastern parts of Mount Cadmus (Strabo xii. p. 578), not far from those of the Maeander itself, and flowed in a westerly direction towards Colossae, near which place it disappeared in a chasm of the earth; after a distance of five stadia, however, its waters reappeared, and, after flowing by Laodicea ad Lycum, it discharged itself into the Maeander. (Herod. vii. 30; Plin. v. 29; Ptol. v. 2. § 8; Hamilton, Researches, vol. i. p. 508, &c., and Journal of the Royal Geogr. Soc. vii. p. 60.)