Lydian (typeface)

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Designer(s)Warren Chappell
Lydian sample text

Lydian is a typeface designed by Warren Chappell for American Type Founders in 1938. While the stressed letter designs (most notably in the rounded capitals C, G, O, and Q) and the tittles suggest a calligraphic style, this is considered a sans-serif font. It is available in bold, italic, and condensed, as well as in a Cursive variant. The original foundry font was commissioned and cast by American Type Founders and included an alternate capital A with a cross bar and the original italic used old-style figures for numerals. The various members of the family were introduced over the course of eight years:

  • Lydian + Italic (1938)
  • Lydian Bold + Italic (1938)
  • Lydian Cursive (1940)
  • Lydian Condensed + Italic (1946)