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Lydian (typeface)

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CategoryCalligraphic, humanist, sans-serif
Designer(s)Warren Chappell

Lydian is a calligraphic humanist sans-serif[1] typeface designed by Warren Chappell for American Type Founders in 1938. It is available in bold, italic, and condensed,[2] as well as in a Cursive variant.[3] The original foundry font was commissioned and cast by American Type Founders and included a stylistic alternate, a capital ‹A› with a cross bar.[4] It was named after the designer's wife.[1] It is famously used as the font for the end credits on the TV show Friends

The various members of the family were introduced over the course of eight years:

  • Lydian Italic (1938)
  • Lydian Bold Italic (1938)
  • Lydian Cursive (1940)
  • Lydian Condensed Italic (1946)


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